Sunday, 11 September 2011

Home details - Living room storage cabinet

Home is where the heart is. The place to come back to, at the end of the day, and find the ones we love surrounded by the things we cherish. In the past 6 years the house became more of a home and the feeling of being here is just too good to be true. Sweet little corners packed with lovely things: presents, antiques, new things, all mixed in an eccletic way of living. Because life, at least mine, is a patchwork: of feelings, emotions, people, places, souvenirs, memories, etc..

Santa Barbara's Garden

It is the sweetest spot in Braga. Colourful, peaceful, with a wonderful scent, it is a delight to visit on spring or summer days. A garden to daydream of when the weather is greyish and trying to rain down on us. 
On a day like today, I wish I could just dive into this photo and, once again, feel the warmth of the sun and the perfume of the flowers. A perfect day, with Dad by my side.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Love the sea.
Sea of love.
"Sea" the love for yourself.


Caminha is one of my favourite places. The landscape, the tranquility, the woods, the beach, the smell of the sea and the amazing food are just a few reasons to leave the city and head north. 
In the summer sunsets are something to look for. 
Time stops. 
The heart is silently pulsing with the Earth. 
Breathing is intaking all that surrounds us. 
Moments to ourselves. 
Moments of serenity. 
Moments to keep forever.

The 3 stooges

 Aunt Micas, Grandma & Mom 

Playing with food

Smile like you mean it :)

Grandma & I

Funny love 

Fruit surgery

The sweetest fruit.

The weirdest fruit.

Dinner for four

Receiving friends and family for dinner is the sweetest thing. All made and prepared with love. Dinner set for four. 

"Senhor da Boa Fortuna"

The first sweetest thing I want to share with you is a very special, and sweet, place in Porto. Senhor da Boa Fortuna is located at Escadas do Barredo and goes from Sé neighbourhood down to Ribeira. 
A small corner as sweet as it can be. Nearly fading with time but still there, to remind us that good fortune can be found anywhere.